Astri Hapsari, S.S., M.TESOL., 19/04/2024 10:00 WIB

Oleh: Astri Hapsari, S.S., M.TESOL. – I was in the meeting room since the morning and that day the sun unusually shone brightly. I was amazed by the grace of the sun. The light was just right, adding beauty of the scenery I saw right in front of me – from the ninth floor. “This is the light I need,” I ensured myself – to be the theme of the writing I was assigned to do. I completely understand writing is a duty for an academic like me. Unfortunately, ideas sometimes come just at the right time – but hard to arrange them into words – or sentences, with meaningful message. I reflect on my experience how ideas on my mind and go straight to my heart. When I play piano, I will articulate it by playing the keyboard, balancing what I feel in my heart with the tempo and tone. The light will move from my perception to intuition on how it should be interpreted through the piano keyboard. My heart will feel warm and my soul will be satisfied. 

Photo copyright : Astri Hapsari

I was in the same meeting room when I decided to revise the feedback from Maria Fauzi, the keynote of the workshop I attended when I started to write this article. I was amazed by sunlight at that time. I took the photo of the scenery. “I need to capture the moment to make me remember of the light that sparks my heart and soul to write,” I preached myself . “Dear, Allah, I am grateful for the inspiration to write about the light, I hope I can do my best to share my mindfulness experience to spread a little light from my mundane activities. I tried to relate how ideas were articulated from my mind through my heart and soul every time I played piano. I looked at my notebook screen and started to type to revise my first draft – about the light we feel in everyday life.