13 classrooms are provided to support the teaching and learning process. Each classroom can host 50-75 students for regular classes. In addition to conventional classrooms, there are two audio-visual rooms for learning activities that involve the use of digital technologies such as big-screen television, video player, LCD projector and screen. Each audio-visual room can host 50 students. 

FPSCS UII has an auditorium that can host 100 students for special events or classes. The auditorium is completed with a backdrop, sound system, and modular tables and chairs. All classrooms at FPSCS are equipped with computers and LCD projector and screen. In addition, 

All rooms are air-conditioned.

Internet Connection/Wi-Fi

FPSCS UII students can access the Internet via UIICOnnect, a high-speed Wi-Fi connection provided by the university, by using their UII Gateway login credentials. The login credentials can also be used to access Eduroam connection not only on campus but also in other places where the service is available.


Students can access the university library at Mohammad Hatta Building. The library collection consists of text books with a total of 4599 titles (6525 copies), national scientific journals  with a total of 89 editions (124 copies), international scientific journals with a total of 35 editions (51 copies), students’ theses with a total of 1220 titles (1220 copies) in both hardcopy and softcopy, and other types of library materials with a total of 511 titles (511 copies). FPSCS UII also has subscription to electronic journal hostings, including Ebsco, Questia, and ProQuest. The library room is also completed with computers, reading desks, and a systematic book arrangement according to scientific field specifications. The book procurement in the library is carried out by the Directorate of Library based on the request from lecturers, staff and students.

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Each FPSCS UII department has its own laboratories: Department of Psychology (physiological laboratory, experimental laboratory, and psychodiagnostic laboratory); Department of Communication Sciences (photography laboratory, and community radio); English Language Education Department (language laboratory and computer Laboratory); and Department of International Relations (Diplomacy laboratory).

The psychodiagnostic laboratory is well-known as one of the best psychology laboratories in Yogyakarta and has become a center for testing/interviewing activities for Professional Psychology. In addition, there is a computer laboratory that is accessible for all study programs within FPSCS UII.

All laboratory activities are guided and assisted by strictly-selected laboratory staff and supervised by lecturers from each department. Each laboratory is under the authority of its study program, except for the computer laboratory which is directly under the authority of FPSCS UII. Each laboratory is under the responsibility of the head of the laboratory who is assisted by several laboratory assistants and administrative staff.

Audio Visual Rooms

FPSCS UII is equipped with two audio-visual rooms with the capacity of 50 students and the facilities like big-screen television, video player, LCD projector and screen, soundproofing, and air-conditioning. Those rooms are very useful for film screening, audiovisual presentations, and class discussions.

General Lecture Building

In addition to the abovementioned rooms, FPSCS UII can also use the general lecture building for conducting large classes. The building is located behind the rectorate building.


The auditorium can be used for conducting meetings of various scientific and organizational activities, including students’ organization activities. many scientific activities at the national level have been conducted. The auditorium can host 100 students and is completed with a backdrop, air conditioner, sound systems and modular tables and chairs.

Sports Arena

There are fields for football, volleyball, futsal, badminton, table tennis, court tennis, boxing, and basketball. Students, lecturers, and employees are allowed to exercise in both indoor and outdoor arenas. The campus area is comfortable for running or exercising outdoors.

Health Service (Polyclinic)

Unisia Polifarma Polyclinic is provided to support student wellbeing. It is located in front of the university entrance gate at Kaliurang Street KM 14.6 Yogyakarta. The polyclinic doctors serve from 10.00 AM until 12.30 PM for the first shift and 06.00 PM until 08.00 PM for the second shift. For further information about its facilities and registration process please contact the provided phone number or directly visit the polyclinic.